Our Story

If you’re like us, you’ve grown tired of hunting out of cold, rodent and insect-infected traditional box blinds. No matter what you do, deer circle downwind and bust you and the blind acts as a megaphone for every little noise you make.

When we started looking for a U.P.-worthy hunting blind, comfort and concealment were at the top of our list but strength and durability were another critical factor. After coming across and hunting out of Banks Outdoors Blinds, we knew we found the perfect blind for the Upper Peninsula.

From a basic non-insulated blind to the decked out Whitetail Properties editions, Banks builds blinds that keep your scent and smell in, and the unwanted pests and the snow out. The windows are dead silent and the patterns are see-through, so you can hunt in comfort all day long knowing nothing is going to slip by you.

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